Port O'Connor Information

The Port O’Connor water system has the best natural harbor passes or waterways in the Gulf of Mexico, located on the Texas Coastline. These include the famous passage of Cavallo and the Matagorda Jetties Ship Channel (Big Jetties). Pass Cavallo is the only natural deep-water crossing the Texas Gulf Coast.


Offshore platforms only five miles from Port O'Connor piers are excellent places to fish for kings, ling, snapper and dolphin.


In addition, the bay and the Gulf regions, local area network includes undeveloped estuaries: Powder Horn Lake, Coloma Creek, Pringle Lake and Lake Conti. Pringle and Conti offer shallow-water wade fishing on average, with a foot and a half to three feet of water. Along the beautiful beaches, virgin near Port O'Connor, fishermen find good places for surfing and wade fishing.


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